Senin, 02 Februari 2009

Google Adsense

. Senin, 02 Februari 2009
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We just learn about Adsense Program. Now we try to learn Google Adsense. Before you apply in Google Adsense, there a many thinks to concern and important.

  1. Read TOS of Google Adsense including language Support
  2. Google like Content, so you must write content
  3. Dont ever using your content for, Sexs, Adults,Crack,Hack, ect
  4. Dont manipulate your content for traffic
  5. Try contentnya interesting, so visitors can make it back and make your blog as reference material
After you write content in your blog, may be 5 til 10 article, you may apply to Google adsense. You can using another email be your user account or using Gmail. Go to google adsense for apply. and find sign Up Button for sign up and you must fill registration Form. Fill form and you must fill a true information a like your address for sending Google Adsense Cheque. and if you live in Outside US dont fill you tax information.

Click submit after you fill the form. and Google Adsense team will survey your apply and check you blog. If your blog have the unique content and google interested. It' not to spend many time to approved your blog. Or your blog not have unique content is absolutly rejected.

If your apply approve, you will be have access to you adsense manager. And you will can manage you adsense code, Include your other blog. view your adsense report.

How to optimize your adsense and about more Google adsense...dont leave this great blog..

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Kamis, 29 Januari 2009

Adsense Program

. Kamis, 29 Januari 2009
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You just turn your topic in your blog!. Now it's time to apply for Adsense, a one of Making Money from blog. Adsense or familiar know Pay per Click. Many program in PPC ( pay per click ) in Internet. there are for PPC advertise

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Bidvertiser
  3. Chitika
  4. TTZmedia
  5. AdsenseCamp
You just choice or fill all above PPC programs. But many other PPC program. Before you choice PPC program, you must check and riset, this PPC program is good? Excelent? or SCAM?If you follow PPC program and thats program is SCAM, you just do it goose chase work.

Find information in google, which SCAM programs, which excelent program. I just recomended 5 PPC programs. Choice in you mouse to click.

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What Your Topic ?

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Before you making money from your blog. First, you must Create own Blog. Can be with buy domain and hosting if you have enough more money. Or you can create with free blog. A like Wordpress, but this CMS can't use to be commercial blog, you can't put you adsense code here or you blog will suspend. The right choice can be to Blogspot. Which acquisition by google in 2003. In blogspot or blogger you can make you blog be money machine. It's great. in fact, you not spend money for create this one.

Ok.for how to create own blog in blogger, and how to if you a newbie in blog can go to here. Please read more help for futher help in blogspot.

I assume you success to create your own blog. Congratulation dude!

Now, after you have own blog. Decided you topic for you own blog. This step is important for your succes in making money from blog. What topic? Your blog can be containt a various topic but your content must original and unique, useful to. So visitor interest to come again to your blog. Good content and unique have a most value.

Ect. We or you choice a topic about Medical, it can be a sub topic. We know in medical many classification. A like disease, healthy living, Medical Equipment, Hospital, Drug treatment and therapy, Herbal Drugs and many other classification.

In choosing a topic, you try to truly master the topic you choose. At least understand what you will write. So your blog will be more valuable in the visitor's eye. Dont you choice a topic but you dont know how to write posting with this topic.

If your blog containt various topic, it's not bad for that you remain a high value with a high PPC, you can write article or post with the help of High PPC tool. Or you can google ask which High PPC in this topic.

Think before, you decided your topic for your own blog..this can change your blog.

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Rabu, 28 Januari 2009

Before Step a Head

. Rabu, 28 Januari 2009
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Before you step for better step. There are some things that need for noticed. You can't get money from your blog easily.Required accomplishment and techniques in maximizing your blog. Such as how the blog access in our seek first page in google. That techinque is name "SEO" Search Enggine Optimation. With this technique, we can easliy make our blog appear and know by people in around the world. We can using SEO tool for what your CMS using. May be SEO All 5 in one if you using Wordpress be your blog flatform. Google Site Map is usefuly too. If you using blogger be flatform dont worry, google make blogger SEO friendly.

One of SEO technique, are Keyword or niche. If you good keyword, your blog may be can accessed by other people and other country. It's effect to your blog popularity and Page Rank. The High popularity and Rank, your blog be busy traffic that impact be you earn money.

Suppose, in your blog there are Google Adsense. And you blog visitor per day just 100 visitor, and possibilty visitor who click google adsense, 10. And you have a HPK ( High Paying Keyword ), we consider HPK just $2, how much you can earn money per day?

This is url which can give you advise, about good keyword:

  1. Wordtracker
  2. Softnik
  3. Adsense-tool
I thinks three url above is enough, you can find more with google...
Dont missed next step...How you decided your blog topic? before we run to Adsense

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Selasa, 27 Januari 2009

Earn Money

. Selasa, 27 Januari 2009
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Welcome to Hijack Money [Legal]

Many people love money, include me. Money can get from Internet? Yeah we can get money form internet, by Blog. If you have one blog, you can monetize your blog now.

How can it's work?

There are many program can get money by blog.
2.Paid Review
4.Direct Sale / Online Shop

We will talk 5 categories in above one by one. We will learn together, how can legal hijack-money to your Bank Acc. We will find the fish hook and fishing will not catch fish. After we have the hook, then we will be free to determine what the fish will be fishing. How can we catch a Bash Fish, Salmon Fish, it's same for how can we lead money to find us?
I'm not master blog, zen blog but i'm sure with step - by step we will success.

Wait and See in Hijack Money

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